I’m an Iowa native residing in the great city of Cedar Rapids, home of the Crunch Berries. Yes, we make Crunch Berries and it smells amazing every time.  I'm a firm believer that your photos are one of greatest investments you can give yourself and your family. I remember growing up and always going through the bins where my mom printed hundreds of photos. I would spend hours just looking and reliving and imagining life in that time (this is your reminder to print your pictures). Your photos give people a glimpse into your life and story. And your life is worth documenting. 

With that in mind, my approach to each session is simple - I'm all about you. You're not just going to sit and smile at the camera. That's not my style. In fact, I want you to forget the camera is even around. But in case you notice there is a short gal taking photos of you, you can be assured that you'll be given direction through the process. Oh - you can expect a slice of fun too because we aren't here for a boring time, now are we??

i'm a cedar rapids-based wedding and portrait photographer

Hi! Laurel here.

About the photog





Whether or not you're into the enneagram, this gives insight to how I approach my client experience. In a few short words, I am an easy going, laid-back, fly on the wall. I care about putting people at ease and making the day exactly what you want. I am here to take care of you and make you feel comfortable through the whole process! Oh, and have a good time, too!

i'm an ENNEAGRAm 9

What can I say, I like the finer things in life. I'm not talkin' your grandma's grilled cheese. My favorites are a combo of sweet and spicy. Ask me about my favorite sammies! 

i love making fancy grilled cheeses

I draw inspiration from God's greatest creation - his people. He distinctly chose you to be on this earth and that is a big deal. I hope you see the beauty in his people and creation. 

i create with the creator

Yep - The Office, Schitt's Creek, Parks & Rec, New Girl. you name it. My favorite is usually the one I'm watching at that moment, which is currently New Girl. 

I'm a sitcom gal

maddy d

Laurel was easy to hire, fun to meet and get to know, and was amazing with communication and making everything clear for us! The pictures turned out BEAUTIFUL. Laurel knew exactly how to capture minor, but worthy details, and also captured all of our natural emotions without making us pose in a way that made pictures a hassle. Everything about working with Laurel AND her work is natural and beautiful.